Rachel and Delphine are two friends who live in Boston, MA. They share the same passion for delicious food and enjoy cooking together. In January 2017, they decided to start a blog, Save-Ur Sunday, to share some of their recipes that they usually make together on Sundays…

Rachel (on the left) is American. She was born and raised in Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland. She lived in Chicago, which is famous for its food. Rachel loves to “change it up,” living in multiple cities (Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston) and dining at the best restaurants in each place. Her favorite cuisine is Italian. Whether it’s traditional American, Italian, Filipino, Mexican, or Israeli food, she loves the experience of the authentic restaurants best!

Delphine (on the right) is French with Spanish roots from her grand-mother. She was born and raised in Lyon, France, the heart of the French gastronomy. She also lived in Frankfurt, Germany and Geneva, Switzerland for few years that has culinary influences from multiple European countries, especially Italy. She loves traveling and never misses an opportunity to taste local cuisine.  Her favorite food is mediterranean – Southern European, Israeli, Northern Africa. Her dream would be to do like Anthony Bourdain  – traveling the world in search of new flavors and adventures!